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Welcome to INFINITY time capsule, where the present and ancient realms meet.

We are proud to present our FIVE innovative themed rooms: LUMINESCENCE (the light room), WISHING CHAMBERS (the lantern room), A-MMAZED (mirror maze), TOPSY TURVY (upside-down room), The ENCHANTMENT (magic mirrors).

We welcome all Instagram surfers and photography lovers, come and show us what you can do and let’s collaborate in making our world a joyful place with your awesome photos on social media. We invite you to follow us on social media and tag us to be featured.

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If you love to see and experience a different dimension in Malaysia, come to Genting and visit us! We are located at Sky Avenue within Adventureland.


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Get to know our

5 Unique Rooms


The light room – Let’s enjoy her beaming beauty and experience the unique emission of lights surrounding you.


The mirror maze - Don’t get caught, don’t get confused, just keep going till you reach the other room. Enter the maze of self-reflection and be amazed by YOU.

The Enchantment

Magic mirror room - See the magic through a perspective of yourself you never thought was possible, it’s more fun than asking what others think of you.

Wishing Chamber

The lantern room – Unveil the wish lists of your hearts. Be dazzled as you witness thousands of paper lanterns light up the sky.

Topsy Turvy

The upside down room – a classic way to beat gravity and for sure to have your photo viewer’s heads turned and spinning.

The Recreation

Need a place to sit and rest? Have a seat and enjoy some board games. Head over to our food vending machines and get some snacks. If you want more excitement, go on and take up the challenge and grab some goodies from our machines too.


Get to know our packages

Suited for all budgets and sizes.

RM 39 (Adult) / RM29 (Child)

Day Pass


  • Take your time to perfect your selfies
  • Ideal for solo adventurers

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Tour Package

  • Get a discounted rate when purchased with Genting Tour

RM99 / RM119

2x Adult 1x Child / 2x Adult 2x Child


RM25 / RM50

2 Hours / Whole Day

Board Games

  • Have fun the whole day with your friends with board games!


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Adventureland @ Sky Avenue, Genting